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Epcot Downtown Ventures Pvt Ltd is a professional services firm, with specialists whose common passion is real estate.

Downtown Ventures is built on entrepreneurialism, innovation and integrity where people are passionate about our customers and about achieving success together. When it comes to decision making involving property, you can count on Downtown. You get the complex data and analysis you need - in a format that’s simple, targeted, and easy to use. Every day, we help individuals and businesses make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively and get better results. Our customers include buyers, sellers, investors, finance and real estate professionals, and corporate etc. Including multinational companies. Our database has millions of property decision points which enable confident decision making. We combine our own proprietary data with diverse public information to provide accurate and up-to-date data and analytics.

Our profesional Consultant experts.

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How the idea of Downtown Originated

Think Residential

There are lot of firms who tried their luck in this trade with different models but not a single firm dedicated to residential even the much acclaimed IPCs, though there are firms like Cold well, Re-Max,& Century 21 etc but to no avail.

Think Big

There are lots of brokerage houses who have Developed expertise in one market have miserably failed in other markets.


Ability to oscillate between the meeting room and Field is enormous.

Choose Imagess